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concerns about another type of energy product, this time it is the 5-hour energy which comes in a shot size bottle. ktvu's david stevenson tells us what led to the investigation. david? >> reporter: first, monster energy, now 5-hour energy is being scrutinized for possible link to injuries and deaths. >> reporter: she is a coordinator at ucsf and relies on 5-hour energy shots to give a boost. >> i try not to do it too often. only on days when i feel like i am sluggish. >> the food and drug administration is taking a closer look at the drink. they confirms to ktvu it received reports of 13 deaths and 30 reports of life threatening injuries since 2008. >> energy drinks are about two cups of coffee and kind of put together in a way that might encourage you to take multiple doses. >> reporter: they asked researchers to look into hundreds of cases involving a variety of energy drippings. he says large doses of -- energy drinks. he says large doses can set off heart conditions. >> adrenaline triggers heart erythema. >> reporter: they say they are unaware of any deaths caused by the consumption o
later on tonight at 10:00. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2news. >>> the ceo of an energy company whose platform in the gulf of mexico exploded spoke publicly today about the two workers killed in that blast. the explosion happened friday on an oil rig belonging to houston-based black elk energy. officials say 11 people were injured, four severely. two workers jumped from the burning rig. one of their bodies was located yesterday. >> i'm deeply saddened to say that we have identified one body under the platform. that body has not been recovered before. we're working in coordination with the u.s. coastguard so that we can respectfully and most efficiently recover the body. >> that ceo vowed today to continue searching for the second worker's body. authorities said the explosion happened while workers were using a torch to cut an oil line on the platform. >>> congressional leaders say they want compromise on the fiscal cliff, but there is no sign of agreement of how to raise more revenue. without agreement, tax increases and deep spending cuts go into effect at the end of the year. the ch
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2